How did Pachou get it's name?

Yes, we realize Pachou (pronounced Puh - Choo) is a funny name for a company. But those of us in software are always looking for something new and unique. Let me tell you how the name came to be...

Some years ago, the owner's niece (who was 6 years old at the time) dressed up as a fairy princess and used her magic wand on family members who were seated in the room. First, she proclaimed a person couldn't talk. Then, she went to the next person and made the same proclamation. When she reached the last person (who is now owner of Pachou Software) she hesitated, then tapped him on the head and said, "Pachou! You have no hair."

At the time, the niece's dramatic presentation was thought of as "cute", until years later when the magic spell actually came true!

There was more than enough magical power in that word..."Pachou". The idea of using that name for a software/web company seemed fitting. Now we make use of that same magic as we attend to your technology needs. We will make having a website as easy for you as it was for the owner of Pachou to lose his hair.

Our company has been in business since 1997. We have over 25 years of experience writing software and creating quality websites. Our goal is to do whatever we can to make our clients happy. We have the ability to solve technology problems -- like magic!