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Website Editing
and Freelance Writing

Pachou is more than a software company. We not only create websites and provide an excellent SEO service; we also offer website editing and freelance writing. If you have a subject in mind for a new or current web page, but need an experienced writer to help create the text, we can provide that service for you.

Newsletters, articles, and blogs are being used more and more to help communicate what is happening in a business or organization. These mediums are also an excellent avenue to use when trying to improve a website's search engine optimization. Remember, achieving a higher ranking means more exposure. More exposure means more people will be reading about your company and showing an interest in your product or service. It all begins with communication.

However, as good as your intention were when you started writing the newsletter, articles or blog, we realize it is not always easy to maintain a regular schedule. As business increases and the work load depletes more of your time, it becomes difficult to sit down and write. It is good to provide content on a regular basis, to keep your market informed and engaged in your product or service. This is where we can help.

Do you struggle with subject matter, themes, or content structure? Do you need some ideas for content? We have the writing skills necessary to help you with any of these obstacles. Off-load the website editing and freelance writing to Pachou and get back to business.

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