Full-Service Website and Software Design

Pachou has two levels of Web Hosting

You can forge ahead using our economical web hosting plan...

...or you can choose our full-service web hosting. While the economical web hosting has significant features and can certainly get you started, it does not give you the freedom to customize your site to precisely fit your needs. We recommend the economical version only if all you need is an informative page telling your potential customers about your products or services.

Our full service web hosting option let's you add all the website features and special functions you can dream. For instance, if you need to ask your viewers a series of questions and have the questions emailed to you, recorded, or analyzed, you need the full-service web developer. If you need to have a newsletter for opt-in viewers, or the ability to sell product from your site, then you need full service web hosting.

Need a personal webmaster? Get help from Pachou

Helpful Advice:
If you are planning to go-it-alone, we recommend that you refrain from including your email address on your website. Instead, use a web page that collects the questions or comments and an email address, then allows you to reply. This way you will avoid spam.