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Search Engine Optimization

You have a beautiful web site that you spent a lot of time and money to create. Now you need to optimize it for the web. People need to be able to find you when they search for your product or service. This is Search Engine Optimization.

Inexpensive SEO offers are available all over the web and they can be enticing. We advise you to be very leery about solicitations from companies saying they will get your website ranking on the first page in Google and other search engines for one small fee. There is never a guarantee!

It is true that having several outside links pointing to your web site is helpful for search engine ranking, but you do not want to give a company the permission to take your URL and sell it for a multitude of outside links. This is a serious mistake and can ruin your chances for a good ranking. We strongly discourage spending any amount of money for what is likely a temporary “quick fix”.

Pachou strives to gain slow, steady ranking improvement by using the trusted "organic" approach to search engine optimization. We want to improve your visibility using quality techniques which produce steady improvement and long-lasting results.

There are many areas of the website that need to be analyzed on a regular basis. We have the software and experience necessary to help your website rank higher in the search engines. We will fully analyze your site each month (or as often as you choose) for one flat fee. We will let you know what needs to be done to improve your position in the search listing and rate those changes in order of importance.

We know which directories are the most reputable for securing quality outside links and will have the most impact on your position in the search engines.

What makes Pachou different from other Search Engine Optimization companies?

  • We limit the number of clients we serve.
  • We totally devote ourselves to your site's improvement
  • We continually monitor your site traffic, re-evaluate keywords, and think of new and creative ways to grow and enhance your website.
  • Our comprehensive SEO Report is understandable and affordable.
  • We utilize a large number of educational publications, analytical software, tools, and resources, to assist with providing quality search engine optimization.
  • We have the ability to offer a full array of website applications as well as SEO maintenance and general website improvements. See our Full Service Website Design page for more information about what we can do for you.

SEO Report

We supply an SEO report that analyzes your current pages for keyword ranking and effectiveness, competitor information, and page errors. The report will also include several recommendations related to text, coding, page titles, menu items, headings, etc. Our explanations and advice is worded so anyone can understand.

If you decide to host your site with us, we will be able to complete your SEO work and ensure it is done properly.

What does it cost to improve website ranking?

We have studied the competition and have set our pricing to be at the low end of other reputable SEO companies. Pachou offers quality, personal service at an affordable price.

Since we focus on improving your site and not just gaining links, the process is generally slow. It can take 3-6 months to see an initial impact. Regular SEO improvements and additions to your website are highly recommended. This method is a more permanent investment than the pay-per-click marketing approach, for example. For this reason, we believe organic search engine optimization is the best use of your advertising dollars.

Web site optimization and improving site rankings is tedious work. Search engine algorithms change regularly. Let our SEO expertise get you ranking higher.

Contact our office through our Request Form if you would like more information about our search engine optimization service or cost of web site hosting. We look forward to helping you.