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What is my IP Address?

Occasionally, it can be very useful to know your Internet Provider (IP) Address, also known as the WAN-IP Address. This is the address of your computer, on the internet, at this moment.

Your IP Address is

Depending on your Internet Service Provider (ISP) this can change frequently, occasionally, rarely, or never. Your ISP will not tell you when the IP Address has changed. But you don't need to be concerned...just add our site to your favorites. Then come back here when you need to know your IP Address. If your Internet Provider Address does change, our web application will automatically adjust and inform you of the new address.

A dynamic IP Address (one that changes) is the most common for homes and offices. This type of address is given by a DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol)server. Since it changes, it is also more secure. How often it changes depends on your server.

A static IP Address, on the other hand, never changes and is typically purchased by someone who needs to their own web server. This address is more expensive because it requires manual set-up.

Why would you need to know your IP Address?

Here are a few reasons:

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